Television: Little Village Column

The Tube is a television column that ran from September of 2012 to June of 2015 in Little Village Mag (Iowa City)


The Tube: Feminist Police Procedural, ‘The Fall’ Successfully Avoids Crime Show Cliches

The Tube: Tales of the weird, public access TV’s greatest triumphs

The Tube: Bridging TV’s caricature gap

The Tube: Rectify’s slow and deliberate pace makes for one of the most unique shows on television

Marc Summers interview: Former double dare host remembers the golden age of Nickelodeon

The Tube: America’s Favorite Scapegoat

The Tube: Parenthood and Friendship

The Tube: Vulgar Female-Driven Comedy Challenges Stereotypes of Ladylike Behavior

The Tube: On HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham’s naked body gives audiences a body image reality check

The Tube: Reality television’s representation problem

The Tube: In Rebel Wilson’s new show, light comedy is weighed down

The Tube: What TV teaches us about the college experience

The Tube: Have we made a huge mistake

The Tube: Never-ending stories

The Tube: If It Looks Like Quality?

The Tube: Social Television Connects Us to Content But Not Each Other

The Tube: Go-Go Juiced

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